Monday, October 31, 2011

Mary Poppins wishes you a Happy Halloween!

As people may have guessed, this Halloween I was "practically perfect in every way."  My Mary Poppins costume was inspired by both the classic movie and the Broadway show.  I utilized Simplicity pattern 2581 to create a cherry red coat and trimmed it with black braid and large black buttons.  I also made a white button down shirt embellished with vintage lace and replaced the top button with a red silk bowtie attached to a stick pin.  I self drafted a gored skirt sewn from navy wool.

My favorite detail may have been the umbrella.  Deciding that the "official" Mary Poppins umbrella from Disney was too rich for my blood, I purchased a black umbrella from target and removed the handle. 

I then sculpted a parrot head from Sculpey clay.

After the handle was baked and hardened, I painted the parrot and attached it to the umbrella handle. 

I think this project was a great success.  My costume was popular with both trick-or-treaters and late night adult revellers! 

Mary Poppins meets the Doctor...

and is NOT intimidated!

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  1. I just adore your costume! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern number you used. Really good (reasonably priced) Mary Poppins costumes are nearly impossible to find!