Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Fabulous Pink Raincoat - McCalls 5525

So I didn't finish my mini-wardrobe in time as I got horribly
distracted by my burning desire to own a hot pink raincoat.

I picked up a few yards of Ralph Lauren Water Repellant nylon from
Fabric Mart a while back and found a fabulous houndstooth check
flannel in a perfectly matching pink and white. Given the bright
color, I decided to go with an uber-classic trench coat style,
ultimately deciding on M5525 which has been languishing in my stash
for several years now.

I cut out the D view but in the E length. Due to my lack of planning,
this meant I was a teeny bit short on fabric so decided to do the
underside of the collar in my lining material. In the end it barely
shows and I actually think I like it better this way. It adds a
little extra personality.

Overall I'm very pleased and think I will get a lot of use from this
garment. The fit is great and the coat is both cheerful and warm.
Sadly though, the self-covered buttons have already broken. I love
the look of self-covered buttons but they are so flimsy. I'm
currently searching for a replacement option.

I still plan on finishing my mini-wardrobe even though the time to
enter the contest has long passed. The blouse is almost completed and
the coat is cut out and ready to stitch. My sheath dress turned out
to be a wadder, I just couldn't get the fit right for some reason,
causing great distress. It may be saveable, at the very least I can
chop off the bodice and make a pencil skirt, but that will have to
wait for a day when the sight of that fabric is not filling me with
dispair and disgust.

In other sew-y, craft-y news, supplies for my Halloween costume have
been ordered and are winging their way to me!


  1. This is beyond fabulous and chic! This pattern has been in my stash for quite a while as well. This is a piece that will last you for a long time to come. :]

  2. I love your coat! The color is so bright and happy - perfect for cheering up a rainy day.