Friday, September 6, 2013

Mini-Wardrobe progress... V1324, in Leather!

After completing a version of V1324 in gray to test the fit, I decided to cut into my leather.  Now the four skins I purchased provided plenty of actual material but sadly, none of the skins were large enough to cut the entire back piece due to the odd shape. 
The back of this skirt has a large pointed section which wraps over the hip to join near the front darts.  So I decided to piece these back sections by dividing the pattern into four smaller segments and adding seam allowances as follows.
And then I did something truly idiotic.  The large middle section?  The big section in the middle that will go directly over my backside?  I accidentally cut two of the left side.  In a moment of panic, I then decided to cut some of the smaller upper sections from that mis-cut left and wound up dramatically short.  So I decided to make this a design element and pieced scraps together in a sort of odd quilted design.  And strangely, I like it!  Necessity, in this case was truly the mother of invention.

For the zipper I dug out a handbag zipper from the stash that was a shockingly good match to the color and used the same lining material as my muslin version.  

On this version, I also attached the waistband and stitched the dart in one continuous go, which I think created a much smoother, neater, and more professional line.  

So all I have left to do is finish the back seam (secure the bottom of the zipper and complete the vent) and hem both the lining and decide how I want to finish the hem on the leather. 

Altogether, my first experience sewing with leather went very well!  I used some leftover Amazon gift cards from my birthday to purchase a Teflon foot and leather needles for my sewing machine.  This leather was thin enough that I was otherwise able to treat it like normal fabric.  Rather than using leather glue and a mallet to secure the seams I just pressed gently with a press cloth on low with no steam and that seemed to do the trick.

So soon I will be on to my next mini-wardrobe project, the floral blouse with a silk chiffon yoke.  I am planning on using the same pattern I used to create the following unfinished object (just waiting for a day I feel like doing a lot of hand applique.)

This is generally the shape I want although I'm hoping to add a little more floaty fullness around the bust and reshape the armholes.  Also the back of this blouse will not be sheer.  This design was inspired in part by this 40's retro pattern.  I may again borrow some pattern pieces to use as a jumping off point... This blouse is my goal for this weekend (and the skirt if I'm very ambitious!) so I should have more news on this matter very soon!

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  1. Great idea with the piecing, it looks very deliberate. What a nice design element. I love the blouse too. You will finish it when its time. I sometimes set things aside until I really want to wear the, the finish in a hurry;.