Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Terrible Lack of Impulse Control

Most of the time I am pretty good at behaving myself when it comes to fabric shopping... Sure I may buy things to fulfill visions of impractical or unwearable garments.  But in my defense, I almost never pay full price!

What am I guilty of though?  Binge-shopping... and like binge drinking it leads to a certain guilty nausea which can only be partially alleviated by running my hands across the soft pile of newly acquired silks and velvets.  (The rest of the guilt usually dissipates with an adorable distraction... oh, look!  A cat!)

Isn't that better?

But the important thing is that I bought fabric... far too much fabric.  So I am going to make a coat with this gray and purple wool herringbone and line it with a lightweight silk floral.

I also purchased several yards each of the following: (1) a gold and navy striped cotton that is fairly sheer, (2) a dark sapphire blue wool and rayon lightweight suiting, (3) a cotton fabric with a blue and cream stripe, and (4) a black brushed wool that I plan to use for a shift dress. 


And I decided I wanted to create some glamorous sleepwear and so purchased some silk charmeuse, lace, and silk velvet. 

So far I've started cutting out my lingerie wardrobe.  I am using Vogue pattern V8888 and so far I've cut out a long claret colored velvet robe and two nightgowns... I am going to be so pretty when I'm asleep!

So I am have a lot of work to do this weekend, but luckily I have an assistant who is always alert and ready to help me out...

Um... or not...

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  1. I'm sooo jealous! Have been so tempted to buy fabric lately, but have (so far) been able to hold out hoping for good buys on Black Friday. I need to have that wonderful fabric binge feeling!! Yours are simply gorgeous - enjoy.