Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My newest obsession...

So I know the new Vogue patterns came out a while ago, but has everyone seen V1374?  Because I am completely smitten.

This is actually unusual for me.  For the past year or so I have been far less pattern obsessed than in previous eras. In part, I attribute this to the extensive collection I've already amassed.  At this point, if I have a vision for a dress, jacket, or pant, I probably already have something similar in the stash of untouched patterns.  This particularly holds true for the Big 4.  Lately the only patterns I actually buy are vintage and even then, only if it is something unusual that I cannot draft, alter, or franken-pattern myself. 

But I am now obsessed... I love love love this gown. 


I love the simplicity and austerity of the front with it's high neckline and long sleeves.  I love the touch of sexiness and glamour of the bare back.  I love the draped cowl.  I love the slight fishtail hem, which I imagine walks beautifully.


And for something so slinky, I think this would actually be incredibly flattering on quite a few body types, particularly when done up in the sequin mesh.  Now I understand that not everyone loves sequins to the same degree as I, but a sequin mesh really does drape beautifully due to the weight of the heavy embellishment.  (I can also see this working well in a rich toned velvet.  I've probably been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress, but can't you just imagine a holiday wedding with the bridesmaids in this gown in an emerald velvet?  Gorgeous.) 

Line Art

I also love the shoulder yoke detail.  While you can't really see it in a solid sequin, I would love to create a version where just that tiny square was done in a coordinating satin.  (You could then use that satin to make your  bias tape to bind the neck... so it isn't all that wasteful!)

Now as this is one of Vogue's Designer patterns, we also can take a look at the Badgley Mischka original: 

Emerald Sequin Cowl Back GownEmerald Sequin Cowl Back Gown
Weirdly, I think I like the pattern illustration version better.  I like the drape of what appears to be a heavier sequins and the more pronounced cowl on the version created for home sewers.  I also prefer the styling on the Vogue version as I think the designer's model seems a bit severe.

I've also priced out the difference.  The Badgley Mischka dress retails for $660.00.  A knockoff could easily be a fraction of the price.  Sequin mesh seems to average between $15-$20 per yard and the dress requires 4 yards. Tricot lining averages $5.00 per yard and you need just over 3 yards.  Even if you round up your yardage you are looking at a maximum of $130 in materials.  Add in the $20 for the pattern (not that anyone buys Big 4 patterns at full price!)  and you are looking at owning a perfectly fitted designer original for under $150.  A savings of at least $510.00! 

With that sort of savings on the table it would be irresponsible NOT to make this gown... which may be why this pattern is winging it's way to me as we speak. 

Now all I need is somewhere to wear it... glam grocery shopping anyone?


  1. Roller skating. Definitely. Maybe the zoo.

  2. Excellent suggestions! Although the mere thought of roller skating in a gown makes my tailbone ache... :)

  3. I agree, beautiful gown. Shaking martinis....