Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In lieu of the Superbowl...

Here is the best summation of my opinion of sporting events...

Thus Superbowl Sunday found me not watching commercials and eating wings, but rather at a costume workshop at RockIT CoLabs crafting it up steampunk style!

This amazing afternoon started with a tutorial in paper mache, something at which I am shockingly bad.  I somehow managed to make everything both exceedingly soggy and shapeless... it's not good folks, not good.  After that, we learned to fashion top hats from cardboard and fabric scraps.  I am pretty impressed with my quasi-Victorian efforts.

We also had a tutorial in the use of the 3-D printer.  This was actually really cool, particularly in that I think that sewing and crafting is one area where the technology as is, is  sufficient for current purposes.  While there are some 3-D printers which can work in metals or glass, the vast majority are useful only for polymers.  This restricts the use for many purposes but just think of the notions which are nothing but bits of plastic!  Think of the buttons!

So I spent a wonderful afternoon with cool people learning about some of the intersections between sewing and technology...  I can't wait for the next workshop. 

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