Thursday, September 11, 2014

M6503...In Canary Yellow

Remember this from yesterday?

Well after that post, I was inspired to buckle down and actually finish this dress meaning that today I had a new outfit...

Now first and foremost I need to warn you that wearing this color takes a shocking degree of undeserved self-confidence as it WILL get you noticed! Comments I heard today:


"You remind me of Mary Tyler Moore!"

"What a cheerful color!"

"I love it, so summery!"



Notice the exclamation marks... Good, bad or passive aggressive, this is a dress that inspires some strong emotions.

Now I am fortunate in my ability to wear yellow without looking as I have been struck with an unfortunate ailment of the liver, bit I nonetheless warn that it is not a shade for the faint of heat.  Therefore, despite this being one of the most comfortable garments I own (seriously why don't I own more shirt dresses?) I highly doubt it will become a wardrobe staple. This of course is solely a comment on my fabric choices and not the pattern itself.

I have actually made up this pattern before to great success:

Full disclosure, I wore the black and white silk version until the fabric started disinograted on me.  That was view D, whereas I made the yellow using view B.  I plan to recreate D with some Liberty lawn I picked up in London this summer.

Now the collar definitely worked better in the stiffer sateen, but overall the fit of the bodice is better in the softer fabric as the stiffer fabric created some odd shapes in the bust area rather than draping nicely. To be fair though, the yellow moves far better than it photographs.

As I mentioned, the bodice is taken from M6503, version B.  I cut the 20 to assure that I would have sufficient volume so that the wrapped front wouldn't gap.  In retrospect, I should have gone with an 18 and done an FBA as the bodice is slightly larger than I would like. But again? Super comfortable.  Who knew it would be so pleasant to wear clothes with ease?

The only chage I made to the bodice was finishing the collar with pipping.

Please excuse the wonky top stitching.  You can't really see it in person so I decided it was good enough.

For the skirt a did a circle skirt with my standard method of lengthening by adding an additional strip of fabric with piping detail.  I also added some self drafted pockets which were also top stitched (poorly).

Overall, I am quite pleased with results despite the imperfect fit and less than flawless finishes.

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