Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello Again...

I last posted just over 7 months ago.  Seven months. This is a long time.

Usually when I'm working on something I think about how I'm going to blog it.  About 60% of the time I remember to take pictures.  Sadly though, pictures need to be edited.  And then they need to be uploaded to something other than my phone or iPad.  Then I actually have to write stuff down.  It's a lot of work you guys, and at the end of the day I am sorta lazy.  I inevitably run out of steam somewhere between the "sewing" part and the "writing" part.  Leading to the past seven months.

Now I could make excuses.  For instance, we did move.  So for a few months there I wasn't doing much in the way of sewing.  I was mainly searching for apartments and then moving into said apartment and then deciding how to decorate the apartment.  All of which I'm quite pleased with, but is rather time consuming.  I also have been spending a good chunk of my sewing time on the bridesmaids' dresses I'm making for my sister's wedding.  That wedding is now in two weeks and we are getting down to crunch time.  Are the dresses done?  Hahaha! No! But because I'm a glutton for punishment I've decided that a better use of my time is catching up on my long-neglected blog.  Because that's the sensible type of lady I am!

Other than the dresses, the major sewing news since I last wrote include a costume for the Dicken's Fair, the acquisition of a (new to me) sewing machine, puppet outfits, the making of some deeply unflattering pants, and a dress that is both crazy-comfortable and crazy looking.

Stay tuned...

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