Friday, August 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again...

So it's been months since I wrote and quite a bit was accomplished in that time.  I've decided that the best way to recap and catch up to date is through pictures.  So here is a visual journey through the last 3 months...

I last left you on Easter Sunday...

After the holiday I should have focused on packing... but I don't really like packing so instead I took photos of my cat.

But I eventally got the walls primed back to white and all my worldly possessions stashe away in boxes.  

And with the assistance of some lovely friends and family, those boxes were transported to my new abode where they sat...

And sat... (unpacking took a long time because work has been crazy this summer and I was in a 6 week run of Hairspray at the Beck Center)

But after months of not sewing a stitch, I got the bug and in July I made myself a birthday dress.

Even though my sewing room still looked like this...

But I did finish unpacking and setting up most of the house, such as my porch where I drink my morning coffee and grow fresh herbs and tomatoes.

And the living room, which I feel is cozy and attractive...

And I eventually made some progress on the sewing room.  I gave up my Ikea plans and intead used my ingenuity to create a desk and cutting table from supplies available at the Home Depot.  But it is still a work in progress. 

Meanwhile my potted porch garden began to bear fruit. 

And I entertained myself with other craft projects.

And organizing the kitchen multiple times... Isn't it funny how you can't really tell how you will use a space till you start actually working in there for a few months?

I also finally got started on refinishing the bench and dining room table to go with my chairs I refinished this past spring.  At the current juncture, both are primed and I'll probably apply the first coat of paint sometime today.

I also used inspiration found on the web to create a cutting table out of the cube shelves commonly found at target and a piece of MDF, cork, and butcher paper...  I arranged three sets of the shelves in a U shape against the wall and had a sheet of MDF cut to an appropriate size for a table top.  Then I glued down cork sheeting (so I can pin directly into the tabe) and covered the whole table top with butcher paper which can be replaced easily and cheaply as it gets worn and torn.  The idea for the table top was provided by Not Martha, and unfortunately I don't know where I saw the idea of using the shelves as a table base.  If anyone reading this has an idea of who came up with it first I would be happy to give them credit because it's sort of brilliant.  I not only have a strudy table that is the pefect height to stand and work (just over 3 feet including the table top) but I gained an unbelievable amount of storage.

I am still putting some finishing touches on my sewing room/studio but I will provide a full visual tour sometime soon so everyone can appreciate my handiwork and be super super jealous.

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