Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous... 70's style!

Two nights ago I popped by my parent's house for dinner and was greeted with a wonderful surprise from my Grandmother...a box of vintage patterns mostly from the mid-70s.  A lot of the styles are remarkably fashion forward, but others?  Not so much.  So here are a few highlights from my newly acquired collection with more to follow in the next few days...

A few of the patterns are simple, pretty, and I can see them getting a lot of use in my sewing room.  Especially as they are a Size 18, 40" Bust.

I love the interesting seaming under the bust on this one.

I love the green version, also it will make me look slimmer, how can I resist?

Others are significantly less attractive or useful...

This man looks way too happy to be wearing this embroidered white monstrosity.

As a grown woman I don't know why I wouldn't want to wear a sailor dress!  Especially if I pair it with white tights and red pumps.  This is clearly a stylish and patriotic fashion that will never go out of style...

Because nothing says manly like an aqua quilted vest and a jaunty silk scarf
While still others are downright appalling to the point of hilarity...

You know, I have often wondered the appropriate ensemble for sipping coffee in my walled garden and clearly the obvious answer is a horizontal striped "pull over caftan for men"!  Also, I think I need to find somewhere to purchase mugs to match all my outfits.

But my favorites are glamour incarnate and inspire me to invent an elaborate fantasy life where I where a lot of gold jewelry and eat fondue in my sunken living room around my fire pit.

For the record, my living room would look like this:

Be sure to join me tomorrow for another adventure through 70's fashion...

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