Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013!

So it's definitely been an eventful year.  In life I was laid off, I visited England and I acquired a very handsome roommate. I blogged about making two different dresses to attend two different weddings and dressed as a famous painting for Halloween.  In "unblogged" sewing I made a green silk satin dress for a Solstice party, a pair of wide-legged wool trousers, and several casual dresses.  Leading me to...

Resolution Number One:

Blog about my many finished projects!  I have photos, I just haven't written entries.  Probably because I'm lazy.  Some items to look forward to: Gertie's Butterick draped wiggle dress, aforementioned wide leg trousers, the perfect faux wrap dress, and a purple silk blouse with a jaunty bow and gold buttons up the back.  Be excited!

Resolution Number Two:

Tackle the giant pile of UFOs.  I have at least 15 garments sitting in my sewing room in various states of incomplete.  Quite a few items just need handstitching and hemming because I hate handstitching and hemming, while other items are cut out but completely unassembled.  I also need to finish that suit jacket I started in early 2011... It fell by the wayside when I moved and has been hanging around morosely waiting for the day I am inspired to pick it back up.

Resolution Number Three:

Cease buying new fabric until some of the stash is used up.  I firmly believe that part of my UFO issue is that I am constantly getting distracted by new projects that I want to start immediately.  Here is how this usually goes:

"La-dee-da, I am working on a lovely garment which will be so useful when I'm done!  You know what I will need to go with this garment?  Another garment!  But not a garment made out of any fabric found in the two enormous cupboards holding my stash!  No indeed!  I have a very specific vision that will require me to purchase new fabric.  I must head to the interwebz to obtain this one very particular item!  (Furious typing)  I have now found the fabric of my dreams!  But before I log off I may as well check the clearance section.  What is this?  Chartruese silk twill for only $6.99 per yard?  I should buy some as it's such a good deal.  Nevermind that I look sickly in chartruese, I can picture one specific use for this fabric to create a dress to wear someday!  Oooh, this looks pretty... (more furious typing) And this... ($150.00 later).  I can't wait for my purchases to arrive so I can sew an incredibly practical ballgown which will be very useful in my life as a lawyer and not a film star!  Wait a minute... was I doing something before I started online shopping?  Oh well, if I can't remember it must not have been that important."


And this is why I am resolved to put a moratorium on fabric shopping until the UFOs are completed and the stash reduced to a size that will fit into a single fabric cupboard.  (Which is seriously still a lot of fabric to have sitting around actually...)

Most of my other resolutions are related to real life and therefore dreadfully boring (things like finding a permanent job and taking concrete steps toward my plan to move to a larger metropolitan area).  So resolved to be a more responsible seamstress and human in this upcoming year I wish all my readers a very happy New Year!

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  1. Great motivation to tackle the UFO's- banning the new buys!