Monday, January 28, 2013

Funny Girl Costumes: It's Crunch Time

After spending most of the weekend stitching, hot-glueing, and otherwise creating I am both exhausted and only too aware of how much is left to get done before our first dress rehearsal next Sunday. 
My weekend in pictures:

My attempts at Drynuary took a brief hiatus because I earned this glass of wine...

I am grateful that some of the items I ordered arrived... sadly I have not yet recieved the fabric I ordered to make the uniform coat/dresses to match these hats.  Get on the ball,!  (I am totally calling to complain today.)

Items that I have built and found are currently hung on every possible surface of my sewing room awaiting alterations, pressing, finishing, bedazzling, or other time-consuming labor.

On the other hand, I found some items that will be perfect as is and require no further work from me!  Thank goodness!

B5232 which will be matched to skirt B from B4954.  This suit is made of uphostery weight velvet and will be worn over an antique cream-colored lace blouse with a white fur hat and muff for "Don't Rain on my Parade."

I am not the only person at the theater hard at work!  Here is a backstage view of our set in progress. 

Saturday afternoon I managed to get most of the items I have pulled organized, labelled and ready for fittings this week.

The stairs from the stage downstairs to the costume shop and dressing room.  Hauling things up and down is tiring and awkward.  I am not a fan.

A view of our costume storage from above. 

The bodice in progres for Fanny to wear in her dinner scene with Nick.  I used the bodice of Simplicity 4055 and then added a fitted midriff.  The skirt will also be from B4954 with a lace overlay that extends just past the horizontal seamline near the knee.  I am hoping to finish this dress today.  Really I just need to attach the skirt, add a zipper and finish the neckline.  It shouldn't take more than half an hour but I sort of ran out of steam on this one.
This is called Jenny experiments with a glue gun before starting to make the white headresses that are actually needed in the show.  I don't know whether this will appear in the show at any point but the hot-glue related blisters on my fingertips certainly hope so.

More of the Zeigfeld bride costumes hanging.  My idea is that each one will be different.  I may have to see what they look like before making a final decision. 

After a long hard weekend of work, my assistant decides to take a cat-nap on a pile of bridal satin.

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