Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Newest Love... Crafting Handbags!

Who knew I would enjoy making purses so much?  I tackled Butterick 5475 to make a Zebra print tote and coin purse for my cousin Joy which I think was a great success. 

I started with the small coin purse, which is primarily cut from remnants of the larger bag.  I used a zebra print found in the apparel section of my local JoAnns.  I wanted to find something with a little more heft and body but in this particular case the print was primary.  I used a heavy interfacing but I still think I 'll search the home dec department if I try this bag again.  And I will be trying this bag again because I want one for myself! 

I used a teal silky lining and heavy duty silver zippers.  The first step for creating the main bag was crafting the outside pocket.  Oddly this pocket doesn't attach fully, but rather hangs loosely from the upper edge.  I was unsure at first whether I made a mistake or if it was just a strange design detail, but ultimately I decided I liked it and decided to keep this feaure as is.

I cut the contrast band from a black pleather.  One lesson learned? Use a leather needle and change it frequently!  Also, there is no room for error when you are using fabrics that retain visible needle puncture holes. 

The wrong side of my very interfaced bag in process. 

I attached the handle to the bag before inserting the facing and lining. 

And finally, the finished product.  I think the recipient liked it quite a bit as the rest of her gifts were stashed away in her new tote by the end of the evening!

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