Thursday, February 7, 2013

Funny Girl: Crossing the Finish Line

The last few nights have been consumed with finishing costumes for Funny Girl which previews tonight at the Cassidy Theater (Buy tickets!  The show runs Friday-Sunday until February 24!)  I've averaged about 4 hours of sleep per night since Sunday and at this point I'm running on adreniline, crankiness, and boxed wine.

But, it's done!  Or largely done anyway...  Here is the thing that has always been wonderful/frustrating about the whole "putting up a live show" thing: come hell or high water the show will go up on opening night.  Sometimes you have meticulously planned and your part of the production was finished days ago, but more often you slap something together with hot glue and mentally tear-up your still full to-do list as the curtain rises for the first time. 

Last night we did a full run with costumes and props and scenery and lighting and orchestra and...

And despite the fact that my to-do list is still eons long, I think I am done.  If I was a more responsible costumer and had more time I would do the following:
  • Hem two of Fanny's gowns and Mrs. Brice's skirt
  • Get Mrs. Brice a more brightly colored costume for "Find Yourself a Man"
  • Put sleeves on the girl's "Rat-a-tat-tat" dresses
  • Wig a few members of the cast
  • Provide more jewelry and other accessories for several of the women in the show
  • Iron just about everything
  • Find a tailcoat for Zeigfeld who is currently wearing a sort of odd waiter tux which will simply have to do...
  • Get Nick Arnstein a better overcoat (one that isn't so modern... sadly I was unable to find him an overcoat that fit and he's wearing his personal coat from home)
  • fifteen thousand other small tweaks to get the cast looking perfect up to an including starting over from scratch...
But at a certain point you have to stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Last night I was able to sit back and realize that even if the show goes up looking exactly as it does right now it has pulled together and I can be satisfied. 

I plan to draft more detailed posts about particular costume peices over the next few days (now that my life is my own again) but until then, here is a taste of the show in pictures:

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  1. You've been fantastic. We might not all look perfect, but even the cast can't tell!

    Here's to a great run! Cheers!