Monday, August 19, 2013

A Wardrobe Revamp

One downside to moving to a new place and starting a new job is that my wardrobe feels ALL WRONG.  I am perpetually feeling fat, overdressed, inappropriate for the climate and terribly uncool.  It's a problem.  Add to that the fact that my new commute includes four miles of walking each day and my current clothing is just not cutting it.  So it is time for a wardrobe revamp.

Now some days I will need formal business attire for which I can fall back on my suits and shift dresses.  But for everyday wear I will need some relaxed yet professional layers.  Luckily, this need falls right when Pattern Review is holding thier Mini-Wardrobe Contest

Now, while I can't start stitching until September 1, I can plan and shop and muslin!  So I've tackled the planning stages and think I will create some fun fall basics.  I started by putting together a Pinterest board where I gathered inspiration... for this I just pinned anything that "felt" like what I was going for.  In the end, it looks like I need a combination of soft draped tops, tailored skirts and jackets, and maybe some hits of leather. 

Using this inspiration, I sketched my initial plan:

My plan is to create a sleeveless print blouse with a chiffon yoke and a matching skirt which can be worn together to mimic a dress or worn as seperates.  I also hope to make a camel colored leather pencil skirt and a white knit top.  The fabrics have all been sourced from

My next step will be to find or draft appropriate patterns and perfect the fit.  But not to worry, this does not mean I won't complete the purple dress mentioned in my last post.  For while it will not be part of the mini-collection, it is in the same plum color scheme and will go with many of the other peices (largely jackets) that I have planned.  


  1. Simple yet the whole thing & can't wait to see that leather skirt

  2. I love that floral pattern I've had my eye on it - love the drawings - so cute!