Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vogue 8825 - simple and pretty in purple

Yesterday night I constructed most of the bodice of Vogue 8825. 

I had plans for alerations on this pattern.  Given the sleeve style I originally hoped to lose the cuff and make this a modern fitted kimono for hanging around the house.  That said, once I got started I realized I had more than enough material to complete the pattern as drafted so I moved forward without alterations.  The only alterations I actually cut into this pattern was lengthening the skirt by 3 inches.  Other than that, I cut a straight size 18.  I didn't even bother with a full bust alteration as per usual.  I did a quit paper fitting which ended up being not totally off base and given that I was using a double knit with a significant amount of stretch, I determined that any further volume would not be necessary. 

Even now, I'm worried that the finished product might be a little big.  So far the fit of individual peices isn't ideal but I also tried on everything over my clothes and frankly that will make anything look lumpy and gross.

So far this pattern is indeed "very easy" as advertised.  The only bit that provided any challenge was the seaming on the shoulders and even that isn't difficult so long as one properly marks and follows the pattern pieces. 

And the bodice took my exactly 2 hours to sew.  I know this because I watched episode one and two of the Great British Sewing Bee while completing the garment to this point. 
I am seriously charmed by this show and would sooooo audition if they brought it over here.  I may have to dedicate a full post to this lovely project in the future...  But for now I will just say that I love my Project Runway, but there was something so charming about how drama-free and supportive the contestants were with one another.  The narrow focus on technical skill and alterations of commercial patterns and garmets were actually useful to your average viewer who may at some point find a shirt that they love "if only the neckline were a bit lower."  I love the educational segments regarding the history of home sewing.  Plus you get tailoring advice stright from Saville Row... it really doesn't get better than that. 
So yeah, I think this dress in total will end up taking about 5-6 hours.  I cut the pattern a few days ago (about an hour), I assembled the bodice yesterday (2 hours) and now I'm attaching the cuffs and skirt (estimated 2 hours?). 

If all goes as planned, I should hvae a simple, comfortable knit dress to wear for tomorrow.  Not bad for a few evenings work!

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  1. That sounds super easy! I love those instant gratification projects.
    The color will make you look fabulous! Can't wait to see the final product.