Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creating and Attaching the Collar (Steps 49-66)

This evening I built the collar of my jacket... a process that consisted primarily of marking the seamlines, attaching the hair canvas interfacing, and pad stitching some more.  Once the the collar was assembled and pressed approximately 150,000 times (see the process for the lapels) it was time to attach it to the jacket.

First the collar was pinned and the undercollar was basted in place to the body of the jacket.

After that, the inside of the collar stand was stiched to the center back of the jacket.  After this project I am a complete convert to the joy of underlining.  I love that I can handstitch to the underlining and none of the stitches are visible from the outside of the garment, even if I don't make tiny, careful, only-catching-one-thread-of-the-fabric stitches.  LOVE.

Now there is one final step of attaching the collar (something about stitching on the gorge line?) but I am too tired and distracted to continue sewing this evening.  Thus I am stopping at step 66 rather than 67 as planned.  This feels wrong somehow, like putting down a novel in the middle of a chapter...

Regardless, I am now more than half-way through this project.  After basting the collar I tried on the jacket to make sure the shoulder/collar fit properly and I love that it is far enough along that I can put it on without being peirced with wayward pins...

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