Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sew much to little time...

This has been another busy few days.  Unfortunately I left my camera at my parent's house over Easter so I cannot update photos of my work... 

My upholstery fabric arrived from this morning and I upholstered two of my new chairs.  I am incredibly proud of my handiwork.  I need to finish the remaining chairs before my Pampered Chef party in two weeks so that my guests have somewhere to sit!  That said, I am not pleased with generally.  The website states that orders will ship within 48 hours but it did not ship for more than a week after my order was placed. 

I have also started to pack up my apartment.  Packing always takes me forever because I tend to get distracted reminiscing over old pictures or random belongings I forgot about.  I am also making an effort to simplify and try to purge the apartment of unnecessary junk. 

Finally I am working on finishing up my jacket... I only have three more days to complete it in time to submit for the contest.  I am going to do my best, but no promises!

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