Sunday, April 10, 2011

Non-Sewing Accomplishments

So I got no sewing done this weekend... none.

But I did sign my lease for my new apartment.  I know you want to see it so here you go!

My living room and dining room... and my new landlord who accidentally walked across the picture...

Dining room cabinet.  On the other side is a cabinet with a built-in ironing board!


More kitchen cabinets (plus cleaning's a work in progress)

The larger back bedroom

The smaller front bedroom (probably my sewing room!)

Bathroom... not all that interesting

I also went to an estate sale this morning and picked up 5 chairs for 15 dollars! They are sturdy and in pretty good shape.  One chair has a crack which I patched up with wood glue this afternoon.  The wood needs some refinishing and they definitely need new upholstery, but altogether I am incredibly happy with my purchase!

Ugliest upholstery ever...

So I am thinking I'm going to paint the chairs a glossy black. (I have already started on the chair with the crack to see how it looks.)  Frankly, pine is not my style.  So the question then is whether I want upholster in a colored fabric or if I want to use a graphic black and white print... or even multiple prints!  Maybe each chair in a different black and white print (one striped, one damask, one polka dot, one houndsooth, etc...) Thoughts?

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