Monday, May 21, 2012

Endless Frustration...

The pink dress is just about done.  There is a little puckering in the back raglan shoulder seams which I'm not thrilled with but that doesn't bother me too terribly.  My real problem is the zipper... I inserted the zipper, put on the dress, was thrilled with the view from the front and then turned around to a wavy, bumpy mess.

Dear reader, I forgot to interface the seam allowance!  I am most ashamed at this ridiculous oversight and now I will have the great joy of picking out all those stitches so that I can reinsert the zipper properly. 

I also am a teensy bit concerned about the fit in the shoulder because I am having trouble getting the zipper all the way up.  However, my muslin had soooo much extra fabric in the back and shoulder and I reduced the size soooo nominally that for now I am going to chalk it up to the wonky zipper and hope this issue remedies itself without my having to take half the dress apart. 

Wish me luck...

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