Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Upcoming Projects

I am attending a couple weddings this summer so I decided it was an excellent excuse to make myself a pretty new dress.  I ultimately decided on view A of Butterick 5710.

According to my tape measure I shouldn't need too many adjustments here.  The bust may have to be altered slightly but I decided to make a wearable muslin out of some silk twill I picked up for next to nothing on Fabric Mart.

I've already cut out my pattern pieces and will cut out the lining and start construction tonight.  After any adjustments are made I will be making the final dress out of this pink silk and lace.  I plan to use the lace as an overlay on the bodice (underneath the drape) ala the beautiful version of the StyleArc Pippa dress as made by the lovely proprietor of Georgeous Things Blog.  The fabric was acquired from the fabric store at Virginia Marti.  The store is tiny and the stock is limited to fairly high-end apparel fabrics but somehow I always find exactly what I'm picturing when I venture in there, and usually a few things that are nothing like what I pictured but too beautiful to pass up.

Sorry that this photo is sideways... I took it on my camera and cannot for the life of me figure out how to rotate it.  I can get the picture rotated upright on several different computer programs but it keeps reverting back when I load it onto the blog.  Ah, technology!

I also have some cream silk lining but it's not interesting so no picture!  Finally, while I was at the store buying my pink silk and beaded lace I also bought two yards of another silk that I have yet to figure out a purpose for:

It was so pretty and so soft and I had visions of a cute a-line sundress.  And in my haste I only bought 2 yards instead of the 3 that I actually need.  So my options are go back later in the week (after payday, ahem) and pick up the extra yardage I need or figure out a new purpose for this super-cute fabric.  We'll have to see what I decide...

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