Friday, May 4, 2012

New Vogues

The new Vogue patterns came out relatively recently... It may have been a week or two ago by now, but I just had an opportunity to look through them and boy am I impressed!  There is a good mix of interesting fashion forward peices and well-cut basics as well as four patterns that I consider "must-haves" and will be picking up next time Jo-Anns runs a sale!

My top four, in no particular order are:

The photos don't really do it justice... why do they always obsure the best design details with a busy print? Dear Big-Four pattern companies, I don't know who makes these decisions but it drives me batty. But just look at that line drawing!  While I think this pattern definitely looks work intensive, it also would be incredibly flattering.  Line Art
I love the entire Vintage Vogue line, but I think this would be super cute in a crisp cotton for running errands on a lazy summer weekend.  And just look at that back!



V1297Line Art

This isn't my usual style in that I tend to prefer a bit more structure, but something about the stripes and the bizzare draw-string pockets are really calling to me.  Now this is one where the line drawing makes me think "heck no, I do not need that much extra volume on my hips thanks," but once done up there is something incredibly chic and easy about this. 

And finally,



A classic Chanel cardigan jacket has been on my longstanding to-do list, and I love the Claire Shaeffer patterns.  I always learn so much from just the directions that it almost makes it worth buying at full price! 

Which reminds me, it's been over a year since I tackled V8333... I have done all the hard and time-consuming tailoring but it's been languising unfinished since the move.  I'll have to get on that.  Also, I definitely need to post the many, many projects that I've completed since I bought my new machine two months ago.  I not only created some fun things for me, but I also costumed an entire show, building a good portion of the clothing.  Pictures to follow... I promise!

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