Monday, May 14, 2012

Progress on the Blue Dress and Other Weekend Projects

So the blue silk "wearable muslin" of Butterick 5710 is coming along.  The fronts and backs of both the lining and the fashion fabrics are assembled.  Really all that's left to do is tweak some fitting issues, install the back zip, sew up the side seams and hem.

Here is a close up of the bodice, not yet fully pressed and understiched, but you get the idea.  This fabric also has a little more heft than the pink silk I'm using for the "real" version so I think that the cowl will be a little drapier on that one.  And I'm glad I did a practice version because the sleeves may have to be altered someone (and as other bloggers have previously pointed out, the directions on the sleeves are wrong.)  I'm starting to wonder whether I should have bought the StyleArc version of this pattern, but the Butterick only cost $1.99 at a JoAnns sale and I tend to want to spend my money on beautiful fabrics rather than patterns.

Here's the dress so far draped over my poor dress form and hanging limply due to lack of proper pinning.  But you can see the lining I'm using peeking out which makes me happy.  I picked up a poly charmeuse a while back in an online sale (don't remember where) because I liked the print but in person it was just way too loud and shiny to actually use in my wardrobe.  However, I do love me some loud and shiny linings... it's a little bit of secret happy when you get dressed in the morning!

In any case, progress on the dress stalled when I picked up some bright fabrics to make a Mother's Day gift...

My Mom is going to Hawaii this summer, so I decided to make her a colorful beach bag for her trip.  I busted out old faithful B5475 (of which I've made several versions at this point, versions you don't know about because I'm a bad bad blogger...) and constructed this colorful tote using outdoor canvas from the home decor section of JoAnns.  For some added luxury, I lined the bag in the leftover silk from my blue dress.  It was the perfect color and there wasn't enough of the fabric left to use for anything else so I decided that lining a canvas tote bag in silk is totally normal and appropriate.  

Not the greatest picture, I've had to take all these on my phone...
 And of course I made a little matching change purse with the remnants (also lined in silk).

I'm pretty sure my Mom liked it and it will be a fantastic and colorful accessory to carry with her to tropical paradise!  

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