Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dress Form Troubles

So wouldn't you know it, a mere three days after I wrote and posted my ode to the dress form, it decided to give me problems.  I was working on my latest UFO project, the finishing of an avocado green, faux wrap, jersey dress.  I attached the sleeves...
 I pressed the remaining unassembled pieces...

Because seriously, two years in a bag at the back of the closet can lead to some severe unwanted wrinkling... And as I was working, I heard a loud thuwump.  I looked over to my dress form to witness this: 

And as I am not three feet tall, this was a problem in need of a remedy!  Let me explain what happened...  This dress form is adjustable by height.  The stand is made of metal piping and the center of the foam form has slightly larger metal pipe running up the center.  The bottom pipe fits inside the top pipe which is held up by a rubber ring and screws.  Sadly, after several years the rubber had grown a bit stiff and brittle and could no longer take the tension created by the screws.  It cracked in two separate points leaving my poor dress form with a very abbreviated leg line.

Now, this didn't stop me from finishing the dress!  (Although the fit is off here and I may have to do some alterations as I like a lot more negative ease on a jersey dress than this pattern provides.  The fit is quite loose and it just doesn't work.  More on that later...  Plus I can't exactly pin the hem when my body double is in this terrible state!)

My first attempted fix involved creating a new ring of scotch tape which initially seemed to work, but... well...


The clear scotch tape didn't quite have the sturdiness needed.  So I decided to head to the Home Depot, pipe in hand, to find a more permanent solution.  After half an hour of searching the shelves of the hardware and plumbing aisles with two different employees, I came home with... Slightly sturdier tape!

Sadly, unless I wanted to buy a heavy duty drill capable of putting holes in the underlying pipe, duct tape seemed to be my best bet.  And so far it seems to be holding up.  My dress form friend is standing tall once again.  Let's see how long it lasts!

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