Sunday, October 20, 2013

M5759 - and the winner is... SNAPS!

Last week I constructed a lined jacket from McCall's M5759.  This red wool jacket with leather accents has an oversized collar and asymetrical front.  I had purchased some gold and red enamel buttons but after seeing the buttonless jacket on my dress form I was torn... Should I use the truely fabulous buttons?  Or should I go with a sleek modern look and keep the front clean and button free?

I decided on the latter.  I installed five large snaps on the inside of the jacket which is now complete!


2013 Lined Jacket Contest


  1. Those snaps worked out perfectly! I do like the clean look of them.
    Congratulations on a terrific jacket.

  2. Beautiful jacket! and I agree with you, the clean look is perfect.