Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My least favorite step...

Today I finished altering my paper pattern and began cutting into my fashion fabric.  This is by far my least favorite step of any project.  I HATE cutting pattern peices.  HATE.  It's irrational.  I love assembly, I love finishing, I even love pressing... But I do NOT like the cutting out step.  This may be, in part, that pinning and cutting at my house a) happens on the floor, and b) is complicated by my "assistant."

Poor Ophelia often gets locked in the bathroom during this portion of any project... For obvious reasons

But the important part is that day one of cutting is complete!  All the wool is cut.  I still have to cut out the lining and interfacing.  But I decided that can wait until tomorrow when the hair canvas I ordered is scheduled to arrive as per UPS.  No need to have all my fun in one day!

To be fair though, working with this fabric has been just dreamy so far.  It is 100% wool, incredibly soft, and the most beautiful rich navy blue.  (It's darker in person than it is in my photography...)  I wanted to choose a fabric that would be a true classic.  If I'm going to spend a month working on just one project, it better be worth it!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product. Ophelia sure looks comfy.