Friday, March 25, 2011

V8333 - Steps 2 through 7

While it took me three days to get to step one, I was able to get through a few more steps tonight... This was an immense relief.  I am hoping to enter this project in the Pattern Review lined jacket contest which means I need to complete it before April 30.  If I had continued completing one step every three days I wouldn't finish until September... and I would definitely lose interest before then!

So today I finished marking the front, side, side back, and back (step 2) as well as the upper sleeve (step 3).  Then I began to assemble the fronts. (And I managed to take a photo where the colors are true to life... victory!)

I basted and then stiched the darts on the front sections (Step 4).  I finally got to use my sewing machine!  After several days of cutting and marking with hand-basting, busting out the sewing machine seemed fantastically efficient.

I cut out the dart from the front interfacing and pinned the hair canvas onto the front section. (Step 5)

Finally I stitched the interfacing to the stiched lines of the dart with Catchstitches. (Step 6)

Catchstitches are sewn left to right with the needle pointing to the left.  The stitches make a row of neat little x's and cannot be seen from the right side.

My hope is that I will be able to finish constructing the jacket fronts over the weekend.  This may not happen, but a girl can dream!

In other news, I have lost over 15 pounds!  I joined Weight Watchers about eight weeks ago with the hope that I could get back to the same size as my custom dress form.  The only problem is that by the time I finish this darn jacket it just may be too big for me!  :)


  1. Hi. I just found your blog today on my search for a picture of "fell stitching". I am making this exact same jacket!!! My friend and I get together on Wednesdays and we are making one each. So it is very interesting so see how you are going. I'm just up to the pockets. What kind of wool did you use? Was it heavy or light? What did you use for underlining? I was thinking of not doing this step as my fabric is wool/cashmere and quite heavy. What do you think??? I'm also wondering about using some fusible interfacing (like a knit or something) for my front facing and other collar part.