Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So I have decided to dedicate the avacado green jersey to McCall's M5752

I not only like the lines of this faux-wrap knit dress, I love the built-in fitting instructions by Palmer/Pletsch, the creators of the classic Fit for Real PeopleThis book is a classic and highly recommended to anyone who doesn't already have a copy in their personal sewing library.  (Or borrow it from the public library...)

The most helpful instruction so far was to base my pattern size off my upper bust measurement rather than my full bust measurment.  While my full bust measurment puts me in a 20, using the upper bust I fall between a 14 and 16.  Cutting the smaller size with a full bust alteration (FBA) means that I get a much better fit in the shoulders and across my back... at least judging by my tissue fitting. 

The Palmer/Pletsch method has the home seamstress make fitting altertions to the paper pattern rather than making a full muslin.  I am a big fan, especially for knits.  I don't think I'll be abandoning my true muslins for more challenging designs and self-drafted patterns though! 

So tonight I finished altering my pattern, cutting, and marking each individual peice. 

I also started the gathering on self-faced front...

But ultimately had to put it down...  If I kept working on it I would have likely assembled the entire bodice and only gotten three hours of sleep before I had to get to court in the morning.  Gainful employment is such a hindrance to my hobbies!

I have not, however, given up on Vogue 8489.  I checked my stash and found this fabulous cotton knit that I picked up at Mode in New York several years ago. 

And most important, I already know this pattern won't need alteration.  I made this dress for my younger sister last Christmas (2009) but it needed to be hemmed and is still in my possession... I tried it on and I am good to go!

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  1. I'm anxious to see how your McCalls faux wrap comes out. Its on my "to make" list.