Monday, January 17, 2011

Easy McCall's M6078

In the past I've always focused my sewing efforts on dresses.  But this week I have definitely discovered the joy of the top!  Today's project was McCall's M6078.

I cut out this top Saturday evening while watching reruns of House and was able to assemble and finish it this evening while watching Joan Rivers deride the fashion choices on this year's Golden Globes.  But I think even Joan would approve of this draped top. 

I made view A out of a rayon knit.  While I think I will ultimately make view B (probably multiple times) to wear under suits and as a general wardrobe staple, I decided to start with view A because I love the lapped back.

This is another top that will look cute with jeans.  My only concern is that the back is pretty low and finding a bra that won't show may be a challenge.  The size large fits well through the shoulder, but I considered taking this in at the waist to get a bit more shape through the midsection and pull the back tighter, but I decided I liked the drape.  Further, the open back offers the perfect amount of sex appeal so the top doesn't need to be form-fitting. 
My assistant Ophelia agrees...


  1. and wearing a pearl necklace down the back would be great for an evening out!

  2. I really like your top and the back in particular. You can buy a low backed bra that will work.

  3. im glad to see that my cat isn't the only one that likes to help out with the sewing process! haha Beautiful top!