Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey Look! It's a Blog!

Dear future reader,

So after long lurkage on craft and sewing blogs around the interwebs, I decided I wanted in on the fun.  I plan to document my travails as I hone my skills and create the perfect wardrobe.  Plus I think that posting about my ongoing projects might encourage me to finish some of them!

So my sewing goals for the new year: (and yes, I realize that it's January 11... cut a girl some slack!)

  1. Draft and make a flattering pair of pants.  This will likely be a challenge.  I've been sewing for years but just tackled my first pair of pants this weekend.  I subsequently realized that the standard big 4 patterns are unlikely to work for me as baby has got some serious back... And frankly I rarely can find pants that fit well in ready-to-wear given that I am 5'9" with a 36" inseam barefoot.  So these ideal pants will be 39" to 40" long and make my bottom look enticingly curvy rather than enormous.  I'm thinking a high-waisted trouser with a thick waistband and a wide leg that skims the floor in heels...
  2. Create a capsule wardrobe.  I am an attorney and I'm supposed to look professional a LOT of the time.  I feel this will be made easier if I have a collection of well made garments that can be mixed and matched.  This, of course would be easiest if I was content to stick to neutral colors but I am powerless to resist any saturated jewel tone.  That said, it's a goal (albeit one I need to think through).
  3. Tackle the closet of unfinished projects.  I have a nasty habit of being inspired to tackle a project, heading to the fabric store, buying the materials for 6 projects, completing the first project, starting three more projects, and stashing the rest in my living room closet for another day. 
  4. Make a men's suit.  I have made myself suits but have never attempted quality menswear. 
So welcome along for the ride!

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