Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Vogues!

So the Spring 2011 Vogue patterns have been released and my feelings are mixed.  There is only one "must have" on this list (in my humble opinion) is this pleated chiffon number by Anne Klien, V1223:

I was also struck by V1222, another Anne Klein pattern, but I'm unsure what the seaming on the bust would look like on someone who has a larger chest than the model.  I do, however, love the vertical seaming around the waist and may purchase the pattern just to steal that feature for other projects.

I also initially loved V1219 by Donna Karen, but I think that dropped waist in the back wouldn't be doing me any favors.  I love the structure of it though, and think it could be adorable for work in the summer.

I also like V1233, by Pamella Roland as a summer work dress, one that would actually work on my figure. 

However, Pamella Roland's designs go from the sublime to the ridiculous with this monstrosity:

The ruffles, the belt, the stupid looking flower... it's just too much!  And where would you ever wear something like this?  Is your formal office at the bank throwing a fiesta?  It's such a bizarre conglomeration of party dress and business attire that I can't wrap my head around it.  And speaking of bizarre:

V8705 just makes me worry about tan lines.  It reminds me of some sort of bondage wear.  The only purpose I can see for this dress is to make it in a silver spandex and be some sort of futuristic space hooker for Halloween. 

Everything else is a standard mix of non-descript floaty dresses, loose fitting seperates, and matronly suits that are far too mother-of-the-bride to be salvaged.  But V1223 and V1233 will definitely be added to the constantly growing stash of "someday" patterns.

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