Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Progress...

So despite my hopes, very little sewing got done this weekend... waking up at 2:00 in the afternoon did NOT help.  I had originally planned on finishing the avacado dress this weekend, but alas it was not to be. 

I orginally ran into trouble when my bobbin refused to wind.  It kept refusing to catch on the bobbin itself and instead winding around the post.  A lot of good thread was lost this weekend... truely a tragedy.  I finally was able to hold it down manually in such a way that the bobbin wound, but loosely.  I'm not sure what is causing this problem.

Then I had a bizarre amount of trouble inserting the sleeves of the dress.  On the first sleeve I ease-stiched as per the directions.  However, it didn't quite gather and it didn't quite lay flat.  So I took it out and forced the sleeve to fit without any gathering or puckers.  However, when I tried it with the second sleeve it wouldn't go in.  The third time I had to take it out I got my seam ripper caught in the fabric and managed to put a big tear in the sleeve itself.  As I am not a huge proponent of punky deconstructed looks I will have to recut the sleeve and redo the whole thing.  I was NOT a happy girl.  So I abandoned the sleeve for now and assembled the gathered midriff.

The assembled bodice... and solitary sleeve.  Maybe I can just be all 80's and asymetrical?  Anyway, the bodice is developing in a very pretty direction and if this stupid dress ever gets made I think I will get a lot of use out of it... 
The finished midriff.  I need to press and baste the front drape before attaching it to the rest of the dress.

In other news, I have once again signed up for the Weight Watchers.  I had been quite successful with it during law school but pretty much gave up on any semblance of health or fitness during the bar exam.  Since that time they have institued thier new "Points Plus" program.  I get quite a few more daily (and weekly) points allowance but many foods are also higher in points values.  But fruits and most vegetables are free!  At first I was concerned that it wouldn't be effective because it seems like I can eat a lot.  But then I calculated the points I had been consuming daily the week before I started the program and I was eating 2 to 3 times as much as I should be... no wonder I've put on a few pounds!  (A few...50...whatever!) 

Now how does this relate to my dress-making endeavors you may ask?  Well, my Uniquely You dress form was altered to be "uniquely me" before I gained my bar exam/looking for a job/starting a new job weight...  I have nothing but good things to say about using this product.  However, the reviews are not wrong and actually adjusting the darn thing, especially if you don't have someone to help, is quite the pain in the ass.  Literally.  I stuck myself with a lot of pins.  This was not fun.  Therefore I hope to get back to that size because I don't want to alter another canvas cover.  That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am dieting out of laziness.  It is proving to be suprisingly good motivation.

That's enough of my rambling for one evening... this post has been brought to you by insomnia.

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