Monday, September 19, 2011

Boogie down with more 70's fashion...

You'll be lookin' goooooood....

Because nothing says sexy liked striped pjs and a pipe.

The perfect look for a Bond villain on the go...

Why don't men today wear patio jackets with thier swim trunks?  And more importantly, what is a patio jacket?

Because nothing can set off a brown vest and mustard blouse quite like a jaunty turquoise scarf!

The man on the far right wanted to wear his gold shoes today but it didn't match his blue outfit.  Luckily he had his gold belt to tie it all together!

I don't really want to mock this one because it speaks deeply to my long burried hipster heart.

Is he stabbing her for making fun of his boots? 

Ah yes, the blue denim quilted suit: a necessity for every stylish man

This may be the weirdest his and hers ensemble I've ever seen...

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