Thursday, September 15, 2011

Butterick 5455

So I have completed Butterick 5455.  This lovely fitted dress has a pleated neckline and a midriff front as well as self-fabric piping trim.  The best quality of this dress though, is pockets!

I have made this dress several times, most recently in this jewel toned watercolor print. 

I plan to wear this tomorrow with my mega-sized pearls and a blue cardigan:

I like the fit of this dress and have learned to make some minor alterations.  I lengthened the hem by about 3 inches and declined to include the back skirt vent.  I find I don't really need the back vents and they always seem to make my skirts ride up awkwardly and innapropriately.


  1. Jenny,

    Wow! Your dress looks really great! The cardigan really sets it off. May we post it on our Facebook page: with link to your blog? Please send me an email with your reply at Thanks.

  2. I like the dress, but what's with the ping ping ball necklace?

  3. I am a fashion maven MrPowell... please do not mock that which you do not understand! :)