Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Productive Evening...

It's the weirdest thing... anytime I bring home work from the office I manage to be SO PRODUCTIVE in the evening.  Not that I complete any so-called "work" but I do tackle a lot of personal projects.

This evening for intance I painted my table and bench.  Something I have been planning on completeing for several months. 

I also practiced the guitar and started a new dress that I hope to have done in time to wear to work sometime this week.  (With help from my lovely assistant of course.)

I'm making Butterick 5455 in a watercolor print cotton sateen. I've made it before and love the pattern but I'm still unsure how the dress will turn out.  It will either be gorgous or I will wander around looking like a really colorful Rorschach test.  

Here is the bodice as constructed so far.  I probably would be almost done if I hadn't bothered with the piping.

I'm also a bit concerned about the lining material.  When I've made this dress before I've lined the bodice with cotton or with the fashion fabric.  This time I'm attempting to use up some of my stash and found a black synthetic something or another that I'm pretty sure I stole from my grandmother's basement at some point.  I don't usually use "lining" fabrics for lining, generally prefering anything that is going to be touching my skin to veer on the luxuriously silky side.  So we'll see.  

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  1. Jenny:

    Love your interpretation of our B5455 dress. We'd love to post it on our blog: Fb.butterick.com with a link to your blog. May we have your permission? I would appreciate a reply by email: Valeryp@mccallpattern.com. Thanks.