Saturday, September 10, 2011

Costume Progress

I have made quite a bit of progress on my costume.  I self-drafted a navy blue skirt with princess seams and a simple bias tape waistband.  I then used Simplicity 2339 as the base for making a Victorian/Edwardian-esque blouse.  It's not "historically accurate" but it is appropriate for my purposes!

The blouse turned out well but because I'm a big dummy and made two of the same sleeve.  Seriously.  So that's annoying but since it will be under a jacket anyway and I'm out of fabric I decided not to attempt to fix it. 

I've also started on my coat. I had major problems with the flap welt pockets. I've never really figured out welt anythings (pockets, button-holes, etc...) but as this is a costume I made do with my lackluter skills. I considered pulling out all my stitching and starting over, but again, for costume purposes I figure it doesn't need to be perfect.

Any guess as to what I'm going to be yet?

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