Monday, September 19, 2011

An Exceedingly Steampunk Adventure

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to a Steampunk themed masquerade benefit.  Of course this sent my artsy crafty mind a whirl and I had to get started right away considering my costume options.  
Of course, I considered picking up Simplicity 2172 or 2207.  However, I thought it would be more fun to design my own ensemble.  But of course, for a masquerade I started by designing my masque.  It is not yet completed, but I am pleased so far.

I started by covering a very basic masque from the fabric store with brown faux-suede.  I then glued down rivets and sprockets before attaching a fan of peacock feathers.

I plan to pleat some cream colored silk to attach as a fan shape behind the peacock feathers.  I also plan on attaching a stick and some hanging ribbons and brass chains.  Alternatively, I may insert a rivet on each end, weave some cream grosgrain ribbon through a brass chain to create a strap for around the head.  I haven't decided yet. 

I also am still thinking about my costume and sketching options...

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