Thursday, September 29, 2011

Further attempts at sewing machine repair...

All to no avail.  I am really at a loss. 

I figure I'll take the machine in to the repair shop to be looked at this weekend but I am still sad that I won't be able to put the finishng touches on my Mary Poppins coat in time to enter them over at Pattern Review.  And I didn't bother adding the blouse and skirt because why bother when I haven't finished the whole costume yet.
So in the interim I have gotten started on some knitting.  I'm not doing anything too fancy.  Just a simple ribbed scarf out of some gray wool that we picked up at the Yankee Peddler this weekend.

And of course I enjoy any chance I get to use my knit picks! (Seriously? Best knitting needles EVER!)

Not to give anything away, but someone may be getting a nice Christmas gift!

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