Friday, September 30, 2011

Seriously Project Runway?


I am very disappointed in you. 

Okay, so yes his ensembles were an ill-fitting snoozefest, but seriously you liked Josh's ridiculous acid-leopard-80's-plaid-tuxedo absurdity better?  REALLY?

Also, I hate Josh.  I'll say it.  He's awful.  He is untalented and awful.  Dear Josh... you know the classic advice that you should get dressed and then remove something before leaving the house.  Think about that...please?  And Nina Garcia is concerned about Laura's taste level?

And those plaid pants?  They may be the most horrific garment I have seen in my life.  Seriously, if you can make a model look lumpy and chubby and weird just think about what those would do on to the bodies of us normals!

I did legitimately love Anya's jumper although I firmly believe Victor deserved the win for creating beautifully tailored seperates that a) the average woman would wear, and b) inspire me to actually try some of those 70's patterns I inherited rather than mocking them.  Also I did love Bert's dress which was the "bonus" winner.  I am certainly not going to spend money to buy it on, but I may create my own (slightly more tailored) version. 

But, do you think Anya is ever going to design something that is wearable by anyone who needs a bra?  Because that draped v-neck to the belly-button thing is fine and good on models but the average American woman wears a 36C... just something she may want to consider.  The jumpsuit was pretty but it would look vaguely pornographic on me.  It would look vaguely pornographic on Heidi for that matter. 

This season is making me sad and afraid that it will soon be time to mourn the passing of my favorite reality show.  Because it has not only jumped the shark.  These season's designers are chum in the water. 

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